Fine Art Glass


Focusing on glass allows the students to approach the material glass from an artist’s perspective. In addition to receiving a well-rounded education in arts, students have the opportunity to study various techniques to handle glass as a material, including working in the hot shop. The goal is to explore the aesthetic aspects of glass. Within certain parameters, students are free to choose their artistic means. In parallel, they are studying practical knowledge, art history and contemporary art. The exploration of space, structure and display helps to examine both art and context. Visiting speakers from similar programs across the world as well as student exchange programs form an integral part of this degree. Basic knowledge or vocational training with focus on glass material is an advantage, but not a requirement. Artistic talent is a must. Qualification for higher education is a requirement. Exception: In cases of extraordinary artistic talent in combination with professional experience, we do not require a formal qualification for higher education.

A fine arts study is designed to encourage a consensus between a student’s artistic talent and their personality. It is not about getting creative people to adapt themselves to a material, in this programs case: glass. Glass is, however, an artistic material with many undiscovered facets; a material that allows for a wide range of artistic expressions. Thus glass remains an option for young artists, and an appealing one at that.

Ideas, concepts, critiques, reflection, craft, and physical ability are resources along an artist’s path; talent, curiosity, and work ethic accompany them. Being an artist is not something that can be learned, and therefore, cannot be taught. That is to say, this is not a study program in which the teachers have answers to every question. This program, rather, offers the space for students to formulate their own questions. The more unique the question is, the more particular the search, and, consequently, the more successful the course of studies. Answering the questions posed becomes a life long endeavor for each future artist.

Art should remain a riddle even when it is prepared in a methodic and academic manner.

To this end we garner our strengths – open-minded, determined, passionate, and engaged in discourse.