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The Institute for Ceramic and Glass Art belongs to the University of Applied Science Koblenz and is one of a few high-ranking international institutions for Fine arts that provides a comprehensive artistic education to selected, talented young people in modern sculpture with a material focus on ceramics and glass.

The department heads Prof. Markus Karstieß and Prof. Jens Gussek place ceramics and glass at the center of their artistic work and their teaching. Our institute is unique in Germany for emphasising both ceramics and hot glass as contemporary materials for modern sculptures in next to other materials of the visual art. To these means we maintain excellent facilities and a selected core of renowned staff as instructors at the institute. Internationality, open mindedness to change and experiment, and protected space for student advancement along with equality are central aspects of the institute.

The Institute was founded in 1987 and the degrees bachelor and master of fine arts were accredited in the year 2007. The Institute sees itself as a place where all social, artistic and philosophical questions can be discussed intensively and implemented as sculpture, painting or other media. The promotion of modern art history and philosophy the empolyment of free-lance artists as lecturers and international guest lecturers along with cooperation with partners from the art scene demonstrates our resolute orientation towards fine arts. The cooperation with renowned museums and galleries, the reputation of the invited guest lecturers and the awards of current and former students are a valuable predicate and proof of the standing the Institute has obtained.


Glaze Collection

Our glaze library is unique in Germany and contains the history of ceramic colors and glazes from the Neolithic period to today. Thousands of fired samples, arranged in easily readable and comprehensible groups, convey the rich aesthetics of this important cultural contribution. The archive continues to grow and forms a foundation of the artistic education in the institute. It also serves as an important reference for third-party projects to reconstruct ancient ceramics.

Artists‘ Cooperation

The combination of international guest speakers and a great network of fine artists result in numerous cooperations with renowned contemporary artists. The scientific knowledge and technical possibilities at the institute form the foundation for these cooperations. The presence of artists and the projects they present is an integral part of the arts education at the Institute of Artistic Ceramics and Glass.

Architecture and Arts

Due to the excellent artistic and technical parameters at the institute, it is possible to realize projects for public spaces in cooperation with renowned artists. The specific requirements include the institute’s expertise and equipment, the glaze collection in particular and cooperation partners in industry and research at the institute’s site in Höhr-Grenzhausen.

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