Fine Art Ceramics


The goal of the Fine Arts Ceramics is to empower students to use ceramics as the material of their choice to make a sound and relevant contribution to contemporary art. The ceramics department understands itself as a laboratory for exploring, experiencing, and experimenting with ideas as well as contemporary and traditional ceramic techniques. The goal is to learn how to allow one’s own artistic ideas come to life as well while learning to which effect the ceramics can be utilized. Experiencing what is possible and attempt the impossible helps one’s own signature style to emerge and serves to develop an artistic concept.

Studies content and offer

The studies enable the graduates to work as freelance artists as well as in other creative careers.

Ceramic is explored art an artistic medium and ceramic craft techniques are trained. Students get to know the enormous possibilities and boundries of ceramic materials and colors. They  practice various firing techniques and learn how to control thier results. In addition to the necessary raw materials, our institute offer an Asian wood burning furnace (Anagama), a traditional salt fired furnace, modern gas and electric kilns as well as self-constructed furnaces for experimental working. Furthermore our curriculum includes intensive care of individuals and groups by professors or lecturers of different branches e.g. painting, graphics, sculptur, photography, architecture as well as history and philosophy of art. One of our main objectives is to keep close contact to contemporary art scene and to other art facilities.

A important feature of our fine arts studies is an intensive exchange of artistic ideas. Once a year internationally renowned artists are invited to teach for four weeks. We also give our students the opportunity to study abroad for a term via exchange programs. A high proportion of gifted foreign students has enriches our studio community. Regular field trips with a particular emphasis on art history help the students to develop their own critical view of contemporary art. Exhibitions, competitions and conversations with curators and gallerists are part of our curriculum and are designed to help graduates entering into an artistic career.